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Real traffic

Our real traffic seems to be natural. Choose the countries you want the traffic from. Traffic can be from Desktop, tablet or mobile. Sessions can be up to 10 minutes per session.

Enhance your UX metrics

It’s very important for Google how good is your website in terms of usability. Our traffic will improve your website metrics: Session times, bounce rate, pages visited…

Tagged traffic

Google and other searchers will know that your traffic comes from specific keywords searches in its Searcher.

Buy Web Traffic

The web has become a very valuable gold mine for site and blog owners; but in order to even start digging the surface of this source of ad revenue, subscribers, product sells and customers, you need to get web traffic for your site.
Generating high traffic to your website is not that easy though, especially for new websites and blogs, it requires time, patience and a strategy. But if you really want to turn your site into your business and are willing to invest some money, you can always buy website traffic.
However, you don’t w

ant to just buy visitors to anyone or from any website. Instead, you want to buy real traffic from a trustable company that can really help grow your online business, and with the cheapest prices.

Start to push your website up to 1º position in Google, Bing...

Web Traffic is the best complement to enhance the impact of others strategies in SEO.

Basic Service
$ 39 Monthly
  • 500 visits per day
  • No organic
  • Email support
  • 4 Backlinks source
  • 1 Countries
  • Starts in 48 hours

Pro Service
$ 69 Monthly
  • 1000 visits per day
  • Organic - 3 Keywords
  • Email support
  • 8 backlinks source
  • 3 countries
  • Starts in 24 hours

Premium Service
$ 129 Monthly
  • 2000 visits per day
  • Organic - 9 Keywords
  • Email support
  • 16 backlinks source
  • Unlimited countries
  • Starts in 24 hours

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With our traffic services by country, you will be able to have a correct number of visits to your website or to your clients’ websites. Hundreds of thousands of websites around the world are using low quality web traffic, with our traffic service you can easily improve their SEO rankings.

Discover our advanced auditing and support services for both SEO web projects and ASO mobile applications. If you have an application with no visibility in the Market for the words that interest you, is your ideal company, we will place you in the first results.

I didn’t know you could buy web traffic

As the opportunities for making money online grow, so does the difficulty to make people notice your site among the many others, so it makes sense that people found a business opportunity by generating website traffic for clients. Just like it happens in every other business though, there are good web traffic generator services, and not very good ones. The not very good ones are those that are able to inflate your analytics and visits for as long as you paid for it, but the conversion rates don’t get any better, and you are not earning more. On the other hand, a good traffic generator is the one that provides real traffic and visitors to the site of the person, company or business who purchased the traffic, incrementing the conversion rate, and actually getting new customers or ad revenue by clicks.

The type above is the one we are into, and we are able to do it with our experience and knowledge on the web, online businesses, and a big network of traffic and human visitors from hundreds of websites, social networks, expired domains, and many other sources. We won’t just try to fill your statistics in with visits that are not meaningful for your site, instead we use the right strategy to organically direct the type of traffic you need, so that you actually see positive results with your website traffic purchase.

But is buying traffic for my website legal or ethical?

This is a very fair question, and you are not the first person who have asked herself or himself that. After all, doing an investment to get real traffic, might sound too good to be true, or to be legal, especially if you will buy cheap website traffic. Let’s brake the question down. First, is it illegal to buy website traffic?

No, it is not illegal, and Google AdSense even has an answer to this question. They say they welcome you to increase your site’s traffic by paying a third-party service like us.

However, they do ask users to be careful and cautious, as some of these services send artificial traffic, which is not great for Google, as a bot clicking on their ads is not what they want, and it is probably not what you want either. Even if you end up buying bad quality traffic, which we highly discourage you to do, you are not going to go to jail or have legal problems, but it can negatively affect your website metrics, and you might be banned from Google Ads.

Great, now you can be sure that you won’t break any law if you buy real traffic for your website. But you might start feeling guilty and asking yourself whether doing that is ethical. Ethics is a very complex field, and what is unethical for you might be ethical for someone else. For starters, you are not exactly cheating if you buy traffic, but if earning each visitor of your website on your own matters to you, you should probably not buy traffic.

But if hardworking your traffic is not something that moves you, then buying website traffic is not unethical. Think about it, since we are driving real visitors to your website, there is not really a way to enforce them to stay or to convert. The capacity of doing this is up to you.

Sure, there are unethical practices on traffic purchases, no matter if you buy cheap website traffic or more expensive one, always that the visitors are real, and you scam them somehow, for instance, by selling them a bad quality or fake product, that’s unethical. Getting fake traffic and bots to earn revenue from ads paying you per views is also unethical because bots won’t get interested in the ads, at least not for the next few years 🤖.

If your main concern about buying website traffic was that it might be illegal or unethical, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong about it, but you should always make sure to buy quality real traffic. We offer quality website traffic that is also cheap.

How do I know the traffic will be relevant for my site?

Great question, with questions like this you’ll run a really good traffic campaign!

This is yet another risk of buying cheapo site traffic. Maybe you will actually get real people into your site, but just imagine for a moment that you are selling alcohol or razor machines, but a lot of the traffic you are getting are kids or teenagers without facial hair. What you would need in this case is to buy adult traffic! But can you do that with our web traffic generator? Yes, you do.

We sell targeted traffic and visitors for your site, because you probably already know well what type of traffic you need for them to stay around, buy, click, subscribe or just come back again.

But what will you exactly be able to buy, you might ask? You can buy:

Targeted traffic by category
• Geographically targeted traffic
• Adult traffic

Awesome! What does it even mean?

It means that by purchasing quality web traffic with us, you will not get a boost in the number of people checking the site. You are going to run a traffic generation campaign with higher probabilities of succeeding. You are going to target visitors by a certain niche or keyword that you are interested in, you will target them by state or country, and if it is necessary, you are going to buy adult traffic.

With those variables in hand, and by doing an extra work on polishing the site and content before opening the door to the hundreds of real visitors you will pay for, you will be good on your way to permanently increase your site traffic and revenue.

Is it too expensive to buy quality traffic?

There’s this phrase that says that cheap is expensive, and it makes sense. You haven’t been able to save enough, or you are just on a budget and you decide to buy a cheap product or service and end up with something broken or that is expensive to fix.

This is often the case if you buy cheap website traffic.

You feel you found a great deal, the site looked a bit suspicious but just enough, they promised thousands of visitors within just a few minutes, what could go wrong?

In the best of the cases, nothing will go wrong in the sense that your site won’t be banned from anywhere. But you might in turn increase the bounce rate of your site, or simply get back to your average visitors once the campaign is done. This is not great, you ended up spending money, even if it was cheap, and the investment wasn’t worth it because your site keeps receiving the same traffic, and nobody is clicking on those ads.
Alright, then what I need is to spend more money on a pricier traffic generator, you might be now thinking.

Of course it is more likely that a site or service with slightly more realistic real traffic prices will do a better work improving the visibility and sales of your site, but you must still do some research before throwing money to anyone. The good news is that by purchasing website traffic with us you won’t have to take the risk of paying less and getting none, or paying much more than expected.

We offer a cheap traffic service that actually work, with the features you should expect from a good web traffic generator, such as the possibility to buy adult traffic and other targeted variables. Cheap is expensive is a phrase you should take seriously, but services like ours are the exception to the rule. Buy cheap real visitors with us, and make the most out of your investment.

Some strategies to make the most out of your website traffic purchase

At this point you might either be bored, or really excited about the possibility of investing on quality traffic for your website, especially because we offer a cheap traffic generation service that works.

But hold on for a moment, because as much as we are confident in the effectivity of our service and our techniques to get the visitors your website need, there are still a few things you can do before you buy real traffic to make sure you’ll get the results you want.

These are strategies you can either apply by yourself or to get help from someone else, and they will help you increase your conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate:

• Get an attractive landing page

Not every website needs a landing page, but if your main goal by buying real website traffic is to convert those visitors into customers, get them to buy your product or service, or get them subscribed to a newsletter, you might need one.

• Improve the copy of the site

Whether you ended up having a landing page or not, if your goal is to get the traffic you purchased to perform an action, you should improve the copy, with attractive text that turns visitors into customers or regular visitors.

• Create great and engaging content

Not everything is about selling, right? Maybe you are writing or creating content, and you would like more people to read it and spread the word.
In this case, you should make sure to create content that reads well and is engaging. Apart from writing well, make sure to make it very readable, using the right colors, fonts, and maybe some images and videos.

• Improve the design of the site

If the reason you want to use a web traffic generator for is to get as many visitors as you can, as soon as possible, take a look at your website’s design before paying anything.

Nowadays most websites have very good designs. Some are pieces of modern art, others are subtle but they still look and feel really well. Whatever you like the most, make sure your site looks and feel good.

Design is not only about your site looking good, but also about it feeling good for your visitors. When all your new traffic arrives, make sure they can navigate the site and leave a great impression on them.

• Place the right links on your site

Links are a very important part of any traffic increasing campaign. If your site focuses on content, such as a blog, then make sure to place internal links in your posts, so that people stay and read more.

Do make sure to this very naturally, though! You shouldn’t make just about every word in every post a link. Learn the subtle art of placing just the right link that is actually meaningful and difficult to miss.

• Work on the site’s SEO

Although a quality traffic generation campaign should improve your website’s SEO, especially one that allows you to buy adult and targeted traffic, you should also work a bit on it.

Write engaging content, do your keyword research, work a bit on your link building and consider writing some guest posts; or hire a SEO specialist. This way, if one of the real visitors we’ve provided remembers your site, she/he will be able to find it on Google.

• Get a blog

Even if your main goal is not to be informative or to share knowledge, a blog is simply one of the best ways to improve a site’s SEO, convert traffic and keep visitors engaged.

If your goal is to sell something, create great blog posts that show that you know what you are talking about, so that they can trust you. At the very least, some people might end up recommending your content.

Try it yourself

Buy your web traffic with us, you will have a correct visualization of your web after getting a better SEO positioning. If you need to position a website in such a competitive environment, you need to prove that your website has visits from the target countries, and by the appropriate keywords for your website project or that of your clients if you are an SEO agency. Many people have already ordered website traffic through us. Your competitors are probably already doing it, don’t expect to be left behind. Organic traffic is one of the key sources for good SEO and ASO positioning. – 2018